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The Provincial Emergency Program Air, or PEP AIR, is a BC-wide volunteer aviation association dedicated to the promotion of Aviation Safety, and to the provision of air search support services to the National Search and Rescue Program.

Membership is open to aircraft owners and pilots, as well as to those who wish to receive training as spotters and navigators. Members receive training in fields such as aviation safety, meteorology, survival awareness search techniques and procedures.

PEP AIR augments Canadian Forces (CF) primary resources during actual SAR missions and often assume personal risk in challenging environments and adverse weather….to help those in distress.

Currently, PEP AIR has over 100 aircraft that are crewed by more than 900 pilots, spotters and navigators. PEP AIR volunteers have given more than 25,000 hours of their time in volunteering in the last year alone.

PEP AIR is an associate member of the Civil Air Search and Rescue Association, or CASARA, and work closely with 442 Transport and Rescue Squadron with the Canadian Forces located at 19 Wing, Comox, BC.

Our Role

Our primary role includes searching from the air, and conducting electronic searches on the ground. Although we encourage everyone to become proficient members of our air crews, we know that not all people will be able or desire to fly, or may not be physically able to fly. We recognize that there are many other equally important ground related duties and assignments that members might undertake.

In addition to training search professionals, PEP AIR assists the RCMP (Royal Canadian Mounted Police), the Canadian Military and its divisions, PEP Ground Crews and local municipal forces in searching for aircraft, boaters, hikers and others.

Aviation Safety

Safety plays a major role in all aspects of our activities. PEP AIR has a Safety Management System to not only help promote the safety of our members but to correct potential safety issues that may arise.

Some of these are working with Transport Canada to help educate our members and members of the flying community. Safety is a mentality that all our members take very seriously.


Civil Air Search and Rescue Association (CASARA) profiled on Wings Over Canada. 



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