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Ray Nyman, Mohamed Ibrahim, Cam Pearson, Wilfried Braun, Dennis Nevett at Cam

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Ted Brown, Brent Lee, Stan Owen, Don Harvey with Stan

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Comox Airshow Aug 2013 slidedeck

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Secure files

Here is some information for those with access to the secure files in the member only section:

1.  To read PDF files, you require a PDF reader which can be downloaded off the web for free.

2.  PPT files are powerpoint 2003 files.  PPTX files are powerpoint 2007 files.  powerpoint 2007 will read all powerpoint files.  If you do not have a powerpoint program, you can download a powerpoint reader from the microsoft website for free.

3.  PPSX files are powerpoint slide show versions of powerpoint files and do not require any program to view.


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